New Kiwi Women Write Their Stories

Giving a voice to Auckland's migrant women

Course outline 2012


Matt (Akl City Council): 021 225 2344

Uzra (Albany CoCo): 027 415 5205


20 participants

Tutors: Renee Liang (Convenor), Sarah Laing, Janet Charman

Workshops run at Albany Community Centre, 575 Albany Highway, 1 pm – 4 pm Mondays

1. Introduction to writing  (Sarah/Renee)  12th March

Finding a topic, starting to write, making time to write, finding outlets for work including readings, publication and performance

Introduction and overview (Renee) – including chapbook/reading, safety of workshop environment, sharing/ability to pass

Tutor introductions

Participant introductions + opportunity for feedback about what they hope to gain and what genres they wish to explore

1st exercise – naming

Teabreak (15 mins)

Interactive discussion – starting to write/finding time to write, outlets for work (local opportunities?)

1-3 exercises


2. Poetry workshop (Janet/Renee)  19th March

Introductory exercise

Interactive discussion – exploring, taking risks with writing, the pros and cons of having work in public domain

Tea break

Exercises (1-3)


3. Prose workshop (Sarah/Renee) 26th March

Introductory exercise

Second exercise

Tea Break

Interactive discussion: finding and growing an audience, getting published (from publishers to internet).

Exercises x 2


4. Revising workshop(Janet/Renee) 2nd April

Tips on revising work, plus we will work one on one with people for their pieces for the chapbook and reading, and maybe a brief session on how to read/present work.

Introductory exercise

Interactive discussion : reviewing, revising and critiquing work

Tea break

One on one sessions


Practice sessions with mic

5. Reading and Chapbook Launch – Sat 14th April , 2-4 pm, Albany Community Centre

Open to the public – friends and family members especially invited

The launch of our book of writing from the workshop (name to be determined!), and the chance to enjoy each other’s readings!

Bring a plate of nibbles/food to share if you wish!


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