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Workshop details – 2013 program


Welcome to New Kiwi Women Write!! Below are more details of the content we will cover during the four weeks of the workshop. Each week we will cover a different genre, with exercises to get your mind and pen going. There are two tutors at all sessions – see sidebar for our bios. You will be asked to write quickly as this is the best way to get ideas out, there will be an opportunity for sharing afterwards, and you are encouraged to take your drafts home and work on it further if you like what you’ve started. There will also be an opportunity each week to discuss a topic of interest to writers. This is determined by the group, but I’ve provided some ideas below.

At the end of the course you are invited, if you wish, to submit a short piece to be included in our chapbook (a collection of work from the group.)  This will be professionally printed and launched – see below!

Week 1. Introduction to writing

17/3: Renee Liang and Sarah Laing
18/3: Renee Liang and Janet Charman

Finding a topic, starting to write, making time to write, how to become and develop as a writer

Introduction and overview (Renee) – including chapbook/reading, safety of workshop environment, ground rules

Tutor introductions

Participant introductions + opportunity for feedback about what they hope to gain and what genres they wish to explore

exercises +sharing


Interactive discussion – starting to write/finding time to write, outlets for work (local opportunities?)

more exercises + sharing

Week 2. Poetry workshop

24/3 – Renee Liang and Siobhan Harvey
25/3 – Renee Liang and Johanna Emeney

Introductory exercise

Interactive discussion – exploring, what to write, ‘voice’, taking risks with writing, the pros and cons of having work in public domain, publishing.


Exercises+ sharing

—— break for Easter ———

Week 3. Prose workshop

7/4 Janet Charman and Sarah Laing
8/4 Sarah Laing and Johanna Emeney

Introductory exercise

Interactive discussion TBA


Exercises + sharing

Week 4. Revising workshop

14/4 – Renee Liang and Siobhan Harvey
15/4 – Renee Liang and Janet Charman

Tips on revising work, plus we will work one on one with people for their pieces for the chapbook and reading, and a brief session on how to read/present work.

Introductory exercise

How to read and present work: vocal exercises, mic technique

Interactive discussion : reviewing, revising and critiquing work

Tea break

One on one sessions with tutors : editing

——–You will need to submit your work for the chapbook by 17/4/13 to allow enough time for editing, typesetting and printing.————–

Reading and Book Launch – Sun 5th May , 2-5 pm, Glenfield Community Centre

Friends and family invited to this free event celebrating your work! Mark this date and start letting people know!


2 comments on “Workshop details – 2013 program

  1. annkitsuetchinann nz
    December 19, 2013

    Dear Mam,

    I like to know your definition of a “New Kiwi”? Does it mean an immigrant who has just arrived to NZ, or anyone who is an immigrant.?

    I am an immigrant who has been here a long time. I have written 3 books, the first one being “Diary of a bereaved mother,” which is well received by Sands and doctors.

    I actually would like to be connected with other women writers.


    Ann Chin.

    • reneeliang
      December 19, 2013

      Hi Ann,
      All immigrants, including those who have been here a long time, are invited to take part in the workshops. In some cases the term “New Kiwi” is a bit of a misnomer! Yes, this is a great place to connect to other women writers, in a safe and sharing environment. Congratulations on already being a published author. The course (next one starts in Feb, enrolments are open – see most recent post) caters for both beginners and more experienced writers, and aims to provide a general introduction to craft, plenty of opportunities to write and experiment, and an induction into the writing community. In some cases people may want to try their hands a genre they have not tried before.
      Hope this info helps.

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