New Kiwi Women Write Their Stories

Giving a voice to Auckland's migrant women

Workshop 3 – Prose. Nov 15+16 2014

Only brief notes this week, as the notetaker (me) wasn’t there!  I was ably covered by Vivienne Plumb (Sat) and Jo Emeney and Ros Ali (Sun).

Viv says..
“We looked first of all at structure of a story, discussing voice, atmosphere, setting, plot (causal sequence of events), climax, character, shape, rhythm, beginning and middle and end, and title. I think that was probably everything. Everyone did an exercise (telling a story to each other, then the other tells the story to the class). Then after the break we discussed character more and made a list of what you may want to consider when building a character.
Then everyone did a writing exercise that involved making a character up, and we read those out to the class (one page). It was a good class, with a crazy storm outside. “

Jo says..

“We did a talismanic object exercise, using things we’d brought from home, after Reading Sargeson’s Toothache, and A Piece of Yellow Soap as the piece to model from. These are available online I think.
The other piece we used is below. We used this as a prompt for ‘sayings’-based pieces.
My Mother Said

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